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Patriot Profile: Catherine Rochon

By Cathy Cruise, MFA '93 on February 6, 2017

A ballroom dancer since eighth grade, Catherine Rochon, now president of Mason’s Ballroom Dance Club, urges others kick up their heels as a way to unwind.

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Just One of the Guys at Redskins Camp

By Damian Cristodero on November 21, 2016

What surprised athletic training major Abigail Solis most about her internship as an athletic trainer with the NFL’s Washington Redskins was how down to earth the players seemed.

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Student Profile: Chris Fernandez

By Damian Cristodero on October 26, 2016

For biology major Chris Fernandez, receiving the $7,000 Udall Scholarship provides an opportunity, as the rising senior says, “to understand some of the roots of the conservation movement in the United States.” In August, at a four-day conference tied to the scholarship in Tucson, Arizona, he joined 60 scholarship recipients to work with professionals on case studies concerning environmental and Native American issues.

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Learning Hindi in India

By Colleen Kearney Rich on July 18, 2016

This summer, global affairs major Beverly Harp is traveling to India for the fifth time. Two of her trips were partially funded by Critical Language Scholarships from the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

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Patriot Profile: Lisa Struckmeyer

By Mason Spirit contributor on July 14, 2016

Anthropology master’s student Lisa Struckmeyer is “addicted to research” and this semester examined the often tight connection between bee keepers and their bees.

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Patriot Profile: Jason Sturm

By Damian Cristodero on January 28, 2016

Jason Sturm, who lost his leg below the knee in an army training exercise in 2002, is now a world champion bobsledder and a CrossFit trainer for amputee and non-amputee clients.

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Patriot Profile: Xiaoyun Wu

By Damian Cristodero on November 2, 2015

The thing Mason graduate student Xiaoyun Wu misses most about her native China is the food. It’s “one of my biggest challenges,” says the 23-year-old, who came to the United States two years ago to pursue a master’s degree.

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Patriot Profiles: Viet Tran and Seth Robertson

By Mason Spirit contributor on July 1, 2015

Engineering seniors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson got the idea to fight fire with sound waves when they were choosing a class project for ECE 492 and 493 Senior Advanced Design Project I and II.

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Patriot Profile: Dominick Casciano III

By Colleen Kearney Rich on May 6, 2015

Mason engineering student Dominick Casciano has been a member of the Volgenau School of Engineering concrete canoe team since its inception three years ago. Last year, he led the team that built a canoe named Perseverance and competed near the University of Virginia in the mid-Atlantic portion of this national collegiate engineering competition. This year, Virginia Military Institute in Lexington is hosting the April competition, and Casciano and his teammates are building a new canoe for it.

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Flying High

By Mason Spirit contributor on February 5, 2015

Economics major John T. Hill is developing the EasyFBO app, which will make airplane fueling and servicing at airports easier and less expensive.

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