There Is No One Right Way to Treat a Patient—There Are 7 Billion

Personalized. Precision. Predictive. One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to health care.

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Mason’s Newest Academic Facility Will See You Now

Faculty and staff have moved in and classes are taking place in Peterson Family Health Sciences Hall, the new home of Mason’s College of Health and Human Services.

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Serious Games People Play

Mason’s computer game design students are working on games that will help train people in various fields and might one day save lives.

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Keeping Mason’s Past Alive with Alumni Stories

Celebrating 50 years of Mason alumni provides the perfect opportunity for learning more about the Mason student experience—from the very beginning.

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1968 Meets 2018

To celebrate 50 years of Mason alumni, we arranged for a member of that very first class to meet with a member of the current graduating class, take a tour of the campus, and share their experiences.

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Building a Better Engineer

From the sound wave fire extinguisher that made it on to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to a prosthetic arm built especially for a young violinist, Mason Engineering students are taking on big projects for their senior capstones and succeeding with them.

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From Simulated Disaster, Real Understanding

Florida field exercise helps conflict students learn firsthand how to deal with a crisis.

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From the Issue

Patriot Profile: Noah Shoates

More from Profiles

Last year, Mason senior Noah Shoates helped serve more than 70 students in his role as one of the student directors of Mason’s Patriot Pantry. “It’s more than just a pantry,” he says. “It’s a community.”

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A Honey of a Deal

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Ten George Mason University students gathered at a table in Enterprise Hall and in no time had filled nearly 100 boxes with K-cups of tea infused with honey from Mason’s Honey Bee Initiative. Profits from the sale of the Patriot Pollinator Coalition tea will go back into the initiative, a joint partnership between the School of Business and College of Science.

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Q&A with Peter Leeson

More from Research

In his second book, Peter T. Leeson, PhD Economics ’05, shares the economic reasoning behind some of the world’s strangest practices and superstitions. It turns out that these rules were actually not so much strange as they were meticulously planned responses to pressing social problems. From Italy’s criminal prosecution of cockroaches and crickets to accused criminals in Liberia choosing to drink poison to determine their fates, Leeson’s new book studies the rational thought behind irrational practices.

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