Building Community through Restorative Justice

Mason students and faculty are helping to create a new program in Arlington County that shifts the way the community approaches justice while fostering better understanding and connections among participants.

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Tackling the World’s Grand Challenges

The engineering world has called them “grand challenges.” These are the problems plaguing the planet that will require the efforts of many to make progress. Here’s how Mason is contributing.

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Conservation Stars

Mason graduate students are traveling the globe to tackle some of the planet’s dire environmental problems—and they’re being recognized for their efforts.

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A Record Year for Research

Mason researchers across academic disciplines are hard at work answering questions that matter.

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A Conversation with Gregory Washington

Gregory Washington, Mason’s eighth president, shares how COVID-19 and the reckoning with racial injustice have shaped the early days of his presidency as well as his evolving vision for the university.

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How Did Mason Put More than 5,000 Classes Online? Fast.

During two weeks in March, Mason faculty and staff made the Herculean push to move everything online.

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Meeting Students Where They Are

As higher education is evolving to meet the changing needs of prospective students, Mason is taking the lead.

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From the Issue

Q&A with Andre Marshall

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Andre Marshall joins Mason as its new vice president for research, innovation, and economic development and president of the George Mason University Research Foundation on July 1. He also joins the faculty of the Volgenau School of Engineering. Before coming to Mason, Marshall was program director for the National Science Foundation’s $38 million Innovation Corps…

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Making Beautiful Music

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Plants are the music composers and performers in artist-in-residence Sam Nester’s Arcadia, a public sound and light installation on Mason’s Fairfax Campus. Arcadia uses modified biodata-sonification sensors to convert the natural, real-time biorhythms of Virginia native plants in the Presidents Park Hydroponic Greenhouse into Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) data.

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A Public Policy Failure

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A new book of essays, Managing Challenges for the Flint Water Crisis (Westphalia Press), examines the crisis as a failure of municipal management.

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