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Sasha Hollinger

By Leah Kerkman Fogarty on October 1, 2008

Year: Senior
Major: Dance
Hometown: Woodbridge, Virginia

Citizen of the World: Hollinger and her older sister were born in England. Her family moved back to the United States when she was a baby.

Claim to Fame: Hollinger was awarded a full dance talent scholarship, funded by Friends of Dance. One or two incoming freshmen who demonstrate outstanding talent at pre-enrollment auditions receive this honor each year.

Not All Fun and Games: The Dance Department requires its students to take general education credits just like any other program, Hollinger says. In addition to performance classes, dance majors also take courses in rhythm, choreography, dance history, teaching methods, and the physiology of dance. Plus, Hollinger must maintain a 3.00 GPA to keep her scholarship.

Impressive Pedigree: She’s been dancing for more than 85 percent of her life—since she was only three years old. “I’ve tried everything from flamenco to tap, including jazz, ballet, and lyrical,” she says.

Favorite Type of Dance: Though Hollinger concentrated almost exclusively on ballet for a few years, she says she now feels most at home in the modern style of dance. But what exactly is modern? “That’s what I like about it,” she enthuses. “It’s so diverse. I could take you to three different modern dance shows, and they’d all be completely different.”

Extracurricular Activities: This past summer, Hollinger kept busy working as a lifeguard and also performing in a hip-hop dance troupe, Culture Shock Washington, D.C. “My whole life is dance,” she laughs. “Even my summers are filled with dance.”

Favorite TV show: So You Think You Can Dance, of course. She also cites Will & Grace and Sex in the City as top picks. “And I watch a lot of Discovery Health and the Discovery Channel. I’m a big dork that way.”

Biggest Accomplishment: Every year, the Dance Department puts on four student-choreographed shows. Hollinger’s first stab at choreography made it into the Spring 2008 Concert. “It was tough! I’m nervous about choreographing again,” she admits. “But it’s my final year at Mason, so I hope I’ll get inspired.”

Future Plans: “I’m moving to New York City as soon as I possibly can after graduation,” she says. She hopes to land a job at a modern dance company there.

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