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Buzz Bradley and the Invisible Fort

By Mason Spirit contributor on October 8, 2009

Jeff Howe, BS Biology ’83

Llumina Press, 2008

Buzz Bradley and the Invisible Fort is a children’s book about school bully Stinky Gallagher and protagonist Buzz Bradley. After Stinky destroys Buzz’s fort, Buzz spends the summer determined to outsmart Stinky. With his vivid imagination, Buzz builds an imaginary fort and in the process has to convince his friends the fort exists. The second book in this series, Buzz Bradley and the Green River Ooze, will be released in late 2009.

Howe is the contributing editor for BowTie Inc. and writes a monthly column for Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine. In addition, his articles have appeared in Aquarium Fish International, Aquarium USA Annual, Outdoor Alabama, Nature Photographer, and Fisheye View.

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