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Zdravstvujtye (Hello) to our Russian Readers!


Golden horn bay in Vladivostok, Russia. Mason educators will soon arrive in this city, Mason Spirits in hand.

The Mason Spirit’s [2] world domination has begun, one box of magazines at a time. That’s thanks to Wendy Frazier, assistant professor in Mason’sCollege of Education and Human Development [3] (CEHD), whose work was featured in the Spirit’s Fall 2009 issue in the feature story, “No Science Teacher Left Behind.” [4]

Frazier is taking a box of Spirits with her to Vladivostok, Russia, to share with teachers they are working with there. Frazier and Rebecca Fox, associate professor in CEHD, are in Russia on a cultural exchange program called the U.S.-Russia Language, Technology, Math, and Science Program: Teachers to Teachers.

As part of the program [5], which is funded with a U.S. State Department grant, the Mason team will conduct a needs assessment and orientation for their Russian counterparts, says Frazier. Then, this October, 20 of those Russian teachers will come to Mason for professional development.

So we want to say “Dabro pozhalovat” if a Russian reader or two has happened upon our site. That’s either “Welcome” or “How do you do?” depending on which google hit you believe.