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Have an Innovation? We Want to Hear from You!

By Jason Jacks on December 6, 2010

Go Green with Gunston

Hey, great thinkers at Mason! Have a bit of innovation you’re proud of and want to tell the whole world about it (well, at least Mason’s little part of the world)?

Recently launched was Mason’s new Innovation Inventory, a program where members of the Mason community (professors, staff, students, alumni) can extol the benefits, virtues, and all around greatness about an innovative project, program, or idea they came up with.

An innovation can be anything from cutting-edge research to a simple solution to a perplexing problem. The only requirement is that it help make the university a better place to learn, teach, and work.

The story behind your innovation can be inputted through the Innovation Inventory website. Some examples already found there include Go Green with Gunston, Theater of the First Amendment, and the Smithsonian-Mason Semester.

If you need more impetus to take part, each month an Innovator of the Month will be selected; and we hear there will be prizes!

So don’t be shy about boasting about your achievements! At Mason, we say it’s OK to toot your own horn every now and then.

With that, beep, beep!

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