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Pass the Soy, Please!

By Jason Jacks on May 10, 2011

Students enjoy the variety of options at Southside.

Have no fear, carnivores: Mason Dining options still include plenty of cuts of meat. But, for those who would rather slice into a tofu quiche instead of a T-bone steak, your options are growing.

Prodded by students, some submitting their own meatless recipes, Mason Dining officials recently began expanding the number of vegan dishes offered at campus eateries. Among the new choices are soy ice cream, soy yogurt, vegan Bolognese sauce, and pizzas with vegan mozzarella and vegan parmesan.

Impressed with Mason’s vegan options, the animal-rights group, peta2, named Mason among the top 32 vegan-friendly universities in the country last fall.

“[Mason] earns a 4.00 for so successfully providing students with nutritious, humane, and Earth-friendly vegan choices,” peta2 director Dan Shannon said in a statement last September.

Talking to the student news site, Connect2Mason, dining officials say they intend to meet with vegan and vegetarian students regularly from now on to brainstorm on which dishes best meet their needs.

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