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The Big Book of Christian Mysticism

The Big Book of Christian Mysticism (Hampton Roads Publishers, 2010) celebrates the beautiful and profound tradition of experiential and conscious spirituality within the Christian faith. From the recognition of mystery in the New Testament to the austere spirituality of the desert fathers and mothers, to the insights of the great visionaries and contemplatives of the Middle Ages, to the interreligious and interdisciplinary explorations of 20th-century mystics, mysticism has had a profound, yet underappreciated, role within the Christian life. This book celebrates this tradition, makes it accessible to the average reader, and explores how the wisdom of mysticism can be incorporated into our spiritual lives.

Carl McColman, MA English ’84, is the author of 10 books on a variety of spiritual topics. He also is a popular blogger, retreat leader, and teacher. Visit his blog at www.anamchara.com [1].