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Double Take

By Jamie Rogers on October 3, 2017

Caroline and Rebecca Sutter

While they aren’t able to communicate telepathically or feel each other’s pain as some twins claim to do, they do share a bond that helps them work together effectively in Mason’s School of Nursing. Professors Caroline Sutter, MSN ’01, DNP ’12, and Rebecca Sutter, MSN ’01,DNP ’12, are training the next generation of health care providers together at Mason, and they’re taking home accolades for doing it.

Rebecca won the American Association of Nurse Practitioners Award this year, and her sister won the same award last year. But they insist there’s no sibling rivalry here. “Our relationship is about collaboration not competition,” Caroline says. “When I was awarded it last year, it was almost a little difficult to accept the award knowing that she wasn’t given the same recognition. But for her to be recognized this year, it really rounds out the whole experience.”

The twins do, however, note vastly different skill sets. Rebecca has the ability to see things in a larger, more systemic way, Caroline says. And Rebecca describes Caroline as able to get into the details of executing a project while using a more personal, gentle approach.

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