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WGMU’s First Female GM

By Mason Spirit contributor on November 26, 2018

Criminology, law and society major Sasha Toophanie loves music and radio, so, as a freshman, she joined WGMU. She started at Mason’s student-run station as an assistant to the music director. Two years later, she made some history when she was named WGMU’s first female general manager.

As general manager, Toophanie has new responsibilities, such as consulting with faculty advisor Rodger Smith on the station’s direction and management, being in charge of the station’s daily operations, and overseeing all executive staff members.

Smith, WGMU’s faculty advisor since 1994, says that Toophanie’s leadership will benefit the organization. “I see Sasha being a catalyst to grow our content and popularity on campus.”

Sasha Toophanie WGMU

Sasha Toophanie is WGMU’s first female general manager. Photo by Evan Cantwell

Toophanie has excelled at every job she has had at WGMU, serving as music director and program director prior to taking on her current role.

“The transition has brought more laughter than heartache,” Toophanie says. “If anything, I’ve placed pressure on myself to ensure that my leadership will open doors for women involved who may want to be general manager in the coming years.”

Including those who, like herself, aren’t looking for a career in the field. As Toophanie says, her time at WGMU brought her a creative and leadership opportunity outside the obligations of her degree.

“I believe it’s important to be a well-rounded student and not limit yourself to opportunities that are seen as just being for a particular major,” says Toophanie. “Anyone can lead if they have passion and drive.”

—Natalie Kuadey, BA ’18

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