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A Message from the President

Many of you know that earlier this year I was a candidate for the presidency of the University of Florida. Ultimately, I decided to withdraw my candidacy and remain at George Mason University. In many ways, this experience was both difficult and easy; difficult because the University of Florida has much to offer, but easy to remain here because of the great promise and potential of our institution and our region.

My decision to remain at George Mason University was helped along by expressions of support and goodwill that my wife, Sally, and I received from many of the university's constituencies, including, I'm proud to report, alumni. I know too well that if our institution is to achieve overall excellence and gain universal recognition, then it is the men and women who earn their undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees with us who will play a significant role in making this possible.

In the upcoming year, I will lead the charge of turning the potential of this strong show of support into a reality. If George Mason University is to achieve the kind of greatness that we have talked and dreamed about for many years now, then we need the active and financial support of our alumni. Just like the region of which we are so much a vital part, George Mason stands at the doorstep of greatness. It is time for you, our alumni, to step forward and help increase our endowment so that we may, in turn, provide our region, our state, and even our country with outstanding research and better trained and qualified workers and citizens.

As in the past, it is important for our alumni and friends to be involved with George Mason. But as we strive for the next level of excellence, we need a broad-base level of commitment that far transcends simple involvement. With that commitment, we will succeed.

Alan G. Merten

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