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Alumni Volunteers at Recent Career Etiquette Events

Career etiquette events at George Mason University allow alumni to personally connect with students and to offer much appreciated real-life advice. The following alumni volunteers shared personal experiences with students eager to gain as much knowledge as possible from those who have been through the job search process and, in many cases, have an academic major or desired career in common. Thanks for volunteering!

William Allmond, B.A. '94
Robin Clark, B.A. '96
Cara Determan, B.A. '96
Tomas Dundzila, M.B.A. '99
Jennifer Gibson, B.A. '97
Cameron Gray, B.A. '92 and M.A. '99
Cheryl Haskins, B.S. '94
Anna Ibrahim, B.A. and B.S. '95
Sharon Jeffris, B.S. '71
CarolinCaroline Kemper, B.S. '98
Jim Laychak, B.S. '83
Cathy Lemmon, B.A. '86 and M.A. '93
Kim Myers, B.S. '99
Alison Page, B.S. '97
Carrie Palm, B.S. '91
Lucien Peters, B.I.S. '87
Jeria Quesenberry, B.A. '99
Colleen Kearney Rich, M.F.A. '95
David Roe, B.A. '89 and M.B.A. '96
Sharon Roses, B.S. '91
Lester Schoene, M.S. '92
Carrie Secondo, B.A. '98
Patsy Smith-Delk, B.S. '99
Rose Tajvidi, B.S. '85
Tuyen Tran, B.S. '99
Jenna Van Hook, B.A. '96 and B.A.I.S.'97
Penny Welke, B.I.S. '83 and J.D. '85
Janis Lewis Winters, M.Ed. '73

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