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Director's Letter

The information age was only a topic of discussion about the future when I began my career in higher education. The technology that supports teaching and learning and the manner in which every task is completed has changed dramatically. Classroom instruction is no longer limited to the chalkboard, but often includes live hookups and media presentations. The medium has become the message in our society. Integrated technology has made its way into all types of classrooms.

This summer George Mason University will host the 1998 World Congress on Information Technology. This biennial meeting of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance will attract more than 1,500 senior-level technology leaders from more than 50 countries to the campus June 21-24. This conference will change the way technology impacts our society.

Mason graduates impact society in various ways as well. In this premiere winter issue, you will be able to read about the impact of Jay Bradford Fowler, poet; Tamar Ridenour, teacher; John Redmon, software engineer; and Jeff Cummins, impresario and restaurateur, to mention a few. All of these graduates have felt the impact of technology on their careers.

The university experience continues to teach young people to think clearly, analyze critically, learn to express themselves orally and in writing, and develop self-confidence that allows them a career that is progressively more challenging.

George Mason, as a university, is addressing the needs of the future. Interwoven within its community is an environment conducive to providing life-learning and life-enhancing experiences. Furthermore, there is a commitment to students to help them become computer literate, learn to communicate well through both writing and speaking, develop logic and reasoning abilities, and, above all, acquire the desire to keep on learning.

Your investment in higher education allows you to be successful in work, play, parenthood, family, and as a contributing member of society. We are proud of Mason alumni!

E. Michael Eastman, Director

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