The Mason Spirit

Construction Bond Means More Opportunity for Students

Jackhammers thudding, cranes on the horizon, power outages, and lots of mud. All alumni share one quintessential George Mason experience: watching the university grow as we went back and forth on campus. Now, even as Mason celebrates its 30th anniversary, its three campuses still need to grow - this time to accommodate a new generation of students now overflowing middle and high school classrooms across the state.

On Election Day, November 5, Virginians will be asked to vote on a bond referendum to provide $900 million to colleges, universities, and community colleges across Virginia. The need is clear. In Virginia, 32,000 additional college-bound students are expected to graduate from high school over the next eight years, and the state's colleges and universities are full. Some Virginia students will have no choice but to go out of state to school - or not go at all.

What's in it for Mason?
Mason will receive $80 million in bond funding to provide

  • a new classroom building for the arts at Fairfax
  • Mason's first research-only building, also at Fairfax
  • a new classroom building at Arlington, the second stage of development at that campus
  • development of a peace center at Mason Neck
  • much needed renovations of Thompson Hall and West Building, two of Mason's oldest classroom buildings
  • renovations to make the campuses more accessible to the disabled

What's in it for the economy?
The bond will provide a jump start to the economy, creating 14,000 new jobs and $1.5 billion in economic activity. New research space will strengthen programs such as George Mason's Center for Biodefense at Prince William, and new and existing businesses will benefit through an expanded, trained workforce.

The bond will not increase taxes or jeopardize the state's excellent credit rating.