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Fall 2004 Features

On the Hill
PIA students get firsthand look at legislative process

From Chicken Wings to Chewing Gum
Guest artists and performers get the royal treatment at Mason

Tell Me Where It Hurts
New patient simulators give CNHS students valuable clinical exercises

Ties That Bind
It doesn't have to be a big event such as Homecoming to bring Mason alumni together. Close-knit groups of Patriots gather all the time

Campaign Watch

Looking Back: 40th Anniversary: 1964—2004
This year we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Fairfax Campus of George Mason University, looking back to reflect on just how far we've come

Inquiring Minds: Down and Dirty
A summer sifting through dirt leads Mason student to major discovery

Pockets of Patriots: Returning to the Source
Alumni find the university is always a fount of knowledge and experts

On the Move: Adventure Teaching
For one Mason alumna, it's not just a job—it's an adventure

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