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Fall 2006 Features

Research Update

The Power of Partnerships
Why a new approach to research could create a biotech boom in Northern Virginia
Glad Scientists
Undergrads perform graduate-level lab work—and gain real-world experience
A University with a View—of the Universe
Research I opens with a new observatory tower

More Features

President to President
In a conversation with Alumni Association president Pete Farrell, Alan Merten reflects on his decade as president of George Mason University
Game Faces
In this new feature, Mason Spirit will highlight a student-athlete in each issue, starting off with the CAA Swimmer of the Year Tom Koucheravy.
To Forgive and Not Forget
Researchers look at children's capacity for forgiveness and empathy
Update on Private Support
The Campaign for Mason Students—changing lives through opportunity
Quick Flick
Mason moviemakers create an award-winning film—in 48 hours
The Will to Succeed
A former Homecoming king makes the triumphant leap from Capitol Hill to Hollywood Hills

Inside Patriot Circles


Clowning Achievement
One alumnus takes a serious look at what's so funny about clowns
A Way with Words
Virginia's new poet laureate makes a vow: to help aspiring writers and promote a love of language
More Transitions

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