Mason Memories

“You wouldn’t believe the excitement George Mason created out here. Whenever I’d tell someone that is my alma mater, they just lit up. Everyone is still talking about the Cinderella team from Fairfax, Virginia.”
Robert McQuade, BA Economics ’79, Boise, Idaho

“The Final Four was SO much fun. I had a blast in Indy with all the Mason fans.
I wish we were still there.”

Amy Potter, BS Marketing ’96, Chicago, Illinois

“Thanks to the basketball team, now people in the Midwest know where George Mason is located.”
Dan Harrington, BS Finance and Management ’91, Chicago, Illinois

“George who? Mason! Mason! Mason! Thank you, gentlemen. I do not think that after this afternoon [March 26, 2006] we will ever have to answer that question again.”
Mary Read Cooper, BA American Studies ’81. Cocoa Beach, Florida

“San Diego is my home. Mason is my heart.”
C. L. Daub, PhD, BA Psychology ’94, MA Psychology ’97, San Diego, California

Photo (Caption Below)

Watch Party in the Johnson Center on the Fairfax Campus