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Yahoo Recognizes ECHO Web Site

By Dominick Rubino

The Center for History and New Media’s ECHO web site was chosen as Yahoo’s pick of the day on October 4, 2003. ECHO (Exploring and Collecting History Online) is a digital memory bank that attempts to preserve the history of the rapidly changing science and technology field.

This web site allows people to communicate their experiences concerning recent historical events and collects these firsthand memories to create an accurate record of science and technology history. ECHO also serves to centralize sites scattered on the web that are concerned with the history of science and technology.

Yahoo daily picks one web site worldwide that is sparking interest and features the site in its Yahoo Picks column, which can be reached from the search engine’s home page. Yahoo says it chose the ECHO site based on its ability to offer “a practical guide to building a history site, with technical tips on picking a platform and sustaining a community.”

“As managing director of the ECHO project, I’m extremely excited that the project has received further national recognition as the Yahoo pick,” says web site co-creator Dan Cohen. “When the Center for History and New Media started the ECHO project almost three years ago, the notion of using the Internet to collect history, and indeed the whole idea of democratizing the process of history making through the web, was relatively new and untested and met with some skepticism. I thought the Yahoo review did a good job capturing the pioneering spirit of the ECHO site.”