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Mason Alum Keeps On (Food) Truckin’

By Lisa M. Gerry on June 13, 2011

A few years ago, Joey Hernandez, BS Health Science ’06, posed the question to her boyfriend, Tim Ma, an electrical engineer, “If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?” He said, “Own my own restaurant.” She said, “Well then, why don’t we?”

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For the first time this fall, a group of Mason law students will be assisting on cases in front of the most powerful court in the land: the Supreme Court. In a partnership with the Wiley Rein law firm based in Washington, D.C., Mason’s School of Law will launch what is being billed as a…

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Mason? Yeah, There’s an App for That

By Jason Jacks on April 22, 2011

Junior Carlo Solano is not one for maps—well, not ones of the paper variety. So what did he do to ensure he doesn’t get lost on Mason’s massive Fairfax Campus? He made himself an app. Called GMU Mobile and designed mainly for people new to Mason, Solano’s smartphone application is a multitasking Mason tour guide…

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At Mason, Even the Dumpsters Are Green

By Jason Jacks on March 24, 2011

Just ask Mason’s going green mascot, Gunston, and he (or is it she?) will tell you that Mason is going all out to save the planet. But solar-powered dumpsters? Yes, they do exist. I found this little beauty parked outside the Eastern Shore residence hall on Mason’s Fairfax Campus. According to Stephen Morehouse, director of…

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And you thought you were busy! Right now, Mason psychology professor Eden King is finishing up a book, helping to guide 60 graduate students, preparing for classes, doing her own research, and, oh by the way, all this with a new baby arriving very (and we mean very) soon. “People are so much nicer to…

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“Augmented Reality” sounds like a pilot for a Syfy Channel movie of the week. But while the technology behind what is known in scientific circles as AR is certainly state of the art, its mission is far from science fiction. In Brenda Bannan’s EDIT 732 and EDIT 752 graduate-level classes, students are learning and developing…

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Hot Shoppes and the Mighty Mo Live (In Photos, At Least)

By Jason Jacks on February 16, 2011

Toss in a dining landmark once adored by foodies across the region. Pepper it with a lot of research. And finish it off with some yellowing photos that capture a simpler time. So what’s cooking? A new project by Mason’s University Libraries documenting the rise and fall of the local restaurant chain Hot Shoppes. Founded…

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Sweetheart 16: Meet Mason’s Favorite Couple!

By Jason Jacks on January 25, 2011

Move over Brad and Angelina, and make way for America’s (at least Mason’s little corner of it) newest “it” couple, Daniel and May Quigley. The two Mason alums from Alexandria, Va., were voted the favorite couple in the Mason Sweetheart 16 contest. “We are in absolute awe and humbled beyond imaginable!” says May about the…

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So Long, Commuter School Label!

By Jason Jacks on January 20, 2011

We who live, study, and work at Mason have known for some time that the days of the university turning into a ghost town after the daily mass exodus of commuter students are long gone. With about 5,400 students now living on the Fairfax Campus, the university is a 24/7, living, breathing, eating, sleeping, studying,…

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Housing Advocate Alumna to Bike Across U.S.

By Jason Jacks on January 19, 2011

I just hope that Bebhinn Lynch, BA Global Affairs ’10, has a very soft bicycle seat. That’s because, Lynch, along with about 40 other people, will take part in a cross-country bike trip this summer to raise awareness for the need for more affordable housing in the United States. The ride is being organized by…

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