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Class Invites Students to Make Themselves Uncomfortable

By Cathy Cruise, MFA '93 on January 28, 2016

Renowned psychologist Todd Kashdan pushes students out of their comfort zones to spur growth in his Science of Well-Being class.

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In the College of Health and Human Service’s Global Perspectives on Alcohol class, students come away with an understanding of the public and private attitudes toward alcohol throughout the world and how those change over time.

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This New Century College summer course touches on the testing of products on animals, the use of animals in entertainment, veganism, and animal fighting, as well as how animals are treated at large factory farms.

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“Augmented Reality” sounds like a pilot for a Syfy Channel movie of the week. But while the technology behind what is known in scientific circles as AR is certainly state of the art, its mission is far from science fiction. In Brenda Bannan’s EDIT 732 and EDIT 752 graduate-level classes, students are learning and developing…

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