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Mason Memories

The Exit Interview

By Buzz McClain, BA '77 on October 31, 2012

When Louis C. Buffardi and James F. Sanford arrived at Mason in 1971 and 1973, respectively, parking was $2 for two cars for the year, hoagies sold in the cafeteria for 10 cents an inch, the computer was a room-sized punch card contraption, and the department secretary found typing on the new electric typewriter slower than on the manual. And Lou’s sideburns were hip. Now the associate psychology professors and best friends, who first met in graduate school, are retiring after more than 40 years of teaching together. Let the reminiscing begin.

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Mason’s North Campus

By Mason Spirit contributor on May 8, 2012

Paul VI Catholic High School now occupies what was once the university’s North Campus and before that the old Fairfax High School. I started my freshman days with Mason in 1975, shortly after leaving the air force but still remembering the days when Fairfax High was one of my high school’s rivals. At first, I did not want to attend classes there. I had fresh memories of the days spent walking the constricted hallways of James Madison High School, and I just did not want to return to that feeling. I made sure the bulk of my classes were on the main campus.

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Mason Day? You Should Have Been Here in the ’70s…

By Buzz McClain, BA '77 on April 23, 2012

The early Mason Days in the ’70s were experiments in social media. We’d send a Tweet to the student body announcing when we’d be celebrating our founder, then the message would be circulated via everything from Facebook to Tumblr and then . . . ah, who are we fooling?

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Mason Memory: Basketball Back in the Day

By Mason Spirit contributor on November 1, 2010

The 2006 Final Four was great. I bought tons of Mason stuff celebrating our historic run. I collected magazine articles, newspaper clippings, Internet articles, and such, so that years from now I can relive those glorious moments. Ah, but I also remember the good old days. I entered Mason in fall 1975 as a freshman….

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Coaches We Love: Gordon Bradley

By Mason Spirit contributor on October 1, 2008

“Use your left foot.” Those were the words of a skinny, grinning Englishman who towered over my little four-year-old frame. Below my knees was a miniature soccer ball. Above me was Gordon Bradley. This is my first memory of the Mason coach. My father worked in the university’s Sports Information Department at the time, and…

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