Dusting Off the Library

Forget out-of-date hardcovers, uncomfortable wooden chairs, and a strict no talking policy. This is the new Fenwick Library.

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Bringing STEM into FOCUS

The not-so-lazy days of summer—A camp where girls participate in activities that revolve around STEM and leadership building.

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5 Myths about the Liberal Arts

When the United States began falling behind other countries in math and science, there was a big push for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Soon liberal arts were getting a bad rap.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Different Takes on Summer Breaks

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Lyme Disease Bites

But a new test can now detect it earlier so treatment can start sooner.

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A Hollywood Remake, Mason Style

Mason’s growing Film and Video Studies Program is incredibly diverse in an industry that isn’t. Director Giovanna Chesler is building a competitive film program that she hopes the Hollywood film industry will one day resemble.

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From the Issue

Mason Alumna Cast in Broadway’s Hamilton

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Dancer and actress Sasha Hollinger, BFA Dance ’09, is playing an important element of history in the Tony and Grammy award-winning Broadway musical, Hamilton.

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From Fake Scandals, Real Media Savvy

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In Professor Jeremy Mayer’s GOVT 412 Politics and Mass Media course, student teams created three minute-long videos—positive, comparative, and of course, negative—for imaginary Congressional candidates running for office in Northern Virginia districts.

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Teens who lack sleep at greater risk for depression, suicide, warns Mason researcher

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George Mason University psychology professor Adam Winsler is an expert on kids and their development, especially how language, ethnicity, poverty and other factors play a role. Not long ago, he turned his eye toward the importance of sleep, and how a lack of it can deeply affect teenagers’ mental health.

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