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5 Myths about the Liberal Arts

When the United States began falling behind other countries in math and science, there was a big push for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Soon liberal arts were getting a bad rap.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Different Takes on Summer Breaks

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Fatally dangerous ticks are arachnids on a red background
Lyme Disease Bites

But a new test can now detect it earlier so treatment can start sooner.

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A Hollywood Remake, Mason Style

Mason’s growing Film and Video Studies Program is incredibly diverse in an industry that isn’t. Director Giovanna Chesler is building a competitive film program that she hopes the Hollywood film industry will one day resemble.

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Engineering Safer Bridge Inspections

Mason engineering professor and students test a new technique in Alaska to inspect aging bridges
that is easier and safer, not withstanding the occasional wildlife encounter.

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Mike Hudson, peer advisor in the Engineering Living Learning Community. Photo by Evan Cantwell/George Mason University.
Finding Your Tribe

Living Learning Communities, called LLCs, provide Mason students with the opportunity to live among people who share the same interests or majors. Finding one’s niche on campus has never been easier.

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From the Issue

David Michael Conner

In the Lyme Light

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Artist and writer David Michael Conner, BA English ’01, MFA Creative Writing ’09, knew something was wrong with him in early 2010. He was suffering from cluster headaches, temporary leg paralysis, double vision, panic attacks, hearing fluctuations, and bouts of fatigue so extreme he couldn’t drag himself out of bed. After years of enduring a battery of tests and struggling to get a concrete diagnosis—all while trying to work a full-time job in spite of his many symptoms—Conner discovered that all of his health issues traced back to an inadequate course of antibiotics he took for Lyme disease at the age of 18. Now Conner is speaking out internationally about Lyme disease and advocating for those who are chronically ill with it.

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Tiffany and Railey graduate together. Photo by Laura Sikes

Railey the Service Dog Awarded Honorary Diploma

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One of George Mason University’s newest “graduates” is 2 feet tall, has a wet nose, and loves a good belly rub.

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Sam Lebovic

A Fresh Look at Freedom of the Press

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In his first book, Free Speech and Unfree News: The Paradox of Press Freedom in America (Harvard University Press, 2016), Mason historian Sam Lebovic takes a historical look at freedom of the press and asks new questions about the role of the press in American democracy.

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