Rendering of Academic VII
A Hub for Health Care

With a new “health college” on the horizon, George Mason University is positioning itself to become a hub for Northern Virginia health care.

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Peggy Doyle
“19 and Full of Hope”

Many things about nursing have changed over the 40 years since George Mason University began offering career training, but one thing hasn’t changed—the compassionate people who are drawn to the profession.

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Mason graduate students Anya Creightney, Marcos Martinez, and Meghan McNamara of Stillhouse Press
Start the Presses

A new alumni-led initiative, Stillhouse Press, has Mason creative writing students dabbling in “craft” publishing.

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Mercatus Center
Building an Economic Powerhouse

Mason is known for its economists and that is no accident. For years, the Mercatus Center has been supporting the cultivation of great thinkers.

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"Alumni Weeknd 2014"
Mason Proud

The Mason Nation gathers for Alumni Weekend 2014.

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Cultivating Bright Ideas

Entrepreneurship is one of Mason’s hallmarks, and there is no shortage of students looking to start something.

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From the Issue

Sareh Nouri

Saying ‘Yes’ to a Line of Dresses

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In 2009, bride-to-be Sareh Nouri, BA Art ’04, was desperate to find the wedding dress of her dreams. As her big day approached, she grew more and more frustrated at her inability to find the perfect dress, so she decided to design her own.

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Great Escape: Mason Physicist Expands Satellite’s Atmospheric Studies

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Mason physicist Erdal Yiğit is working to interpret and scrutinize the data MAVEN is collecting now that it has entered the atmosphere of the Red Planet and begun to send back information.

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Conservation Work Improves Outcomes of Red Pandas

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Conservation biologist Elizabeth Freeman says the birth of panda cubs at Mason’s Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute demonstrates how improved captive breeding programs and species survival can be accomplished across the globe.

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