Put on a Well-Being Face

When the founding fathers wrote of about our “unalienable” rights, the pursuit of happiness was among them. But what if pursuing happy makes us less happy? That’s where well-being comes in.

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positive spin
Positive Spin

The term “well-being” can bring to mind a touchy-feely quest for personal health and happiness, but there’s a wealth of research behind well-being where strategies are being tested and proven scientifically successful.

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Fall Spirit 2015 cover
Faster Farther

The Campaign for George Mason University salutes Mason’s unparalleled rise to prominence and defines the institution’s future through a $500 million philanthropic campaign.

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Fall_Spirit_FINAL-3 cyber
Keeping Our Heads in the Cloud

The cyber threats to safety and privacy have never been greater, and George Mason University is once again at the forefront, working on research that matters.

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School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution graduate student Vigny Nimuraba at the Arlington Campus. Photo by Alexis Glenn/Creative Services/George Mason University
Giving Peace a Real Chance

For more than 30 years, people have traveled to George Mason University from conflicted areas around the world looking for answers—and finding them.

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Student-Athlete Jasmine Robinson
Fields of Dreams

Many young athletes and their parents dream of college scholarships and the opportunity to play Division I sports, but the reality is there is only so much scholarship money to go around.

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From the Issue

Steve Piper

Smelling the Roses on the Way to the Arctic Circle

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Mason alumnus Steve Piper took a 1,600-mile, round-trip road journey with buddies to the northern reaches of the United States.

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Five Questions with the Tuba Guy

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If you have driven to Mason’s Fairfax Campus, chances are good that you’ve caught a glimpse of Tuba Guy Jay Converse, MS ’88, probably on Braddock Road. He decorates his “beloved” 1951 Holton sousaphone with colorful propellers and pinwheels while making tracks—and music—around Fairfax City.

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Professor Todd Kashdan (far right) teaches about the positive aspects of  feeling uncomfortable. Photo by Evan Cantwell.

Class Invites Students to Make Themselves Uncomfortable

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Renowned psychologist Todd Kashdan pushes students out of their comfort zones to spur growth in his Science of Well-Being class.

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