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Funny Facebook Groups

With more than 150 million active users, Facebook has become the go-to social utility for classmates and coworkers wanting to keep in touch. So it’s no wonder that a few jokers have started their own humorous groups with Mason in mind. Here are a few of our favorite funny Mason-themed Facebook groups.

Lindey Is the Coolest Pet at George Mason University [1]. Started by Lindey’s humans, Tiffany and Brad Menard, who both work in University Housing and Residence Life, this group celebrates one dog’s awesomeness.

In Search of a Nonpsycho Roommate Fall 2009 George Mason University. Ah, what ingenuity. One person has started up a group for people wanting to find their own roomie matches.

Have You Seen That Guy Wandering GMU in a Kilt? [2] Though we don’t have direct experience with the person of whom this group speaks, there is photographic proof of said guy in kilt on this page.

Zombie Defense League: George Mason Univesrity [sic] Chapter [3]. According to this Facebook group, “GMU is a prime setup to maintain and stop an impending class two–three (out of four) zombie attack.” They’re kidding … we hope.

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