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New Mascot Shows His Patriot Pride

By Leah Kerkman Fogarty on April 1, 2009

The Mason Nation has a wealth of school pride and now a new mascot that reflects that abundance. The mascot, named “The Patriot,” was unveiled at the first home game of the season, where he led the cheering charge at the basketball game that ended in a win over Brown University.

Gunston, the familiar former mascot of the green-and-fuzzy variety, gained a lot of visibility after Mason’s 2006 appearance in the Final Four, says University Relations vice president Christine LaPaille. But the question arose as to whether he was up for the job, so LaPaille put together a panel to assess whether it was time for Gunston to step down.

“The panel did a great job in recognizing that while [Gunston] isn’t an ideal mascot for Mason today, he can still have a role that capitalizes on that association,” LaPaille says.

That’s right; Gunston will still be around campus. After a make-over, he will be the university’s green ambassador, appearing at events promoting Mason’s environmental initiatives.

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