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Technology Developed for Cancer Research Finds a New Purpose

By Mason Spirit contributor on April 4, 2009

In 2008, Ceres Nanosciences LLLP licensed from Mason a Nanotrap™ technology that was created by world-renowned cancer researchers Emanuel F. Petricoin III and Lance Liotta, codirectors of Mason’s Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine.

The technology was used to create the Ceres Nanotrap, a unique nano-size particle capable of trapping, isolating, and preserving the smallest and scarcest of substances in fluid, including blood, urine, and water. Combined with existing diagnostic platforms, it provides a more efficient, reliable, and accurate method for critical diagnostic processes.

Ceres Nanosciences recently announced the use of this technology in a groundbreaking urine test that detects human growth hormone, a compound sometimes used illegally by athletes to boost performance.

Petricoin notes that Mason’s enthusiasm for the commercialization of life science innovations has made it easier to bring his research team’s innovations to the marketplace.

“We’ve received tremendous support at all levels. When we were originally hired, President [Alan] Merten shared his vision of faculty spinning out companies from their inventions. He wanted success stories, he had an appreciation for our background in translational research, and he wanted our discoveries to help the general population,” says Petricoin.

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