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By Mason Spirit contributor on April 1, 2010

The Results Are In

I read in the most recent Class Notes about two Mason grads who were recently elected [to public office]: David Bobzien, BA Government and Politics ’94, to the Nevada Assembly, and Charniele Herring, BA Economics ’93, to the Virginia House of Delegates. Do you have a current list of Mason grads who are serving in elected office? It might make for an interesting list. Do you know the highest elected official to have graduated from Mason? I don’t. You might want to ask elected officials to send in their information for future Class Notes or perhaps a short article. By the way, I would be on the list. I am currently the elected county court at law judge in Austin County, Texas.

Dan Leedy
BA Government and Politics ’80

Editor’s Response: That’s an interesting question, Dan. I believe the alumnus holding the highest elected office right now is Ken Cuccinelli, JD ’95 and MA International Commerce and Policy ’00, Virginia’s attorney general, but I could be wrong. I also encourage alumni to write in and tell us about their elections. As for judges, we have heard that more than 40 of our alumni are serving on the bench. That list can be found as a web exclusive to this issue’s story on the School of Law.

Remembering Mrs. Duffner

Thank you for the wonderful remembrance of one of our outstanding professors, Margaret Duffner, in the last issue of Mason Spirit (Professors We Love, fall 2009). Her instructions (and her jokes) are still in my head, daily. Because of her high standards, I will never be able to tolerate a split infinitive. She was excellent

Bonnie Atwood,
BA Psychology ’74

Grammar Check

Unless my sixth-grade teacher (so many moons ago) was wrong, the first word of this phrase [Who Are You Going to Call?] from the current edition of Mason Spirit happens to be the object of the sentence, and thus it should be “Whom.” Am I wrong, was the editor asleep at the switch, or is there another explanation?

Raoul Drapeau

Editor’s response: You are correct, Raoul. We debated that very issue here before going to press. We were making a reference to the Ghostbusters catchphrase but didn’t want to make it too informal. Your sixth-grade teacher should be proud.


Great job on Mason Spirit! I always enjoy receiving each issue and often take it to work to show my colleagues what an awesome school I went to.

Hal Nesbitt
BS Marketing ’03

Keep up the great work!
Bob Herr,
BA Sociology ’91

I thought the cover was the only weak part of the magazine. Students on the cover usually work best!
Walter Kravitz, gallery director, School of Art

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