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Right of Way

By Mason Spirit contributor on May 10, 2011

The stories in Right of Way (Washington Writers’ Publishing House, 2010)describe fictional Cleave Springs, a gentrifying neighborhood in the nation’s capital. These insightful stories introduce the neighborhood’s dazzling variety of characters—longtime survivors and new arrivals, preservationists and visionaries, black people and white people—as they navigate the complexities of diversity and change, and strive to realize a comforting vision of home. Wingfield captures and explores what it means to live in a city in the 21st century. Right of Way won the Washington Writers’ Publishing House 2010 fiction prize.

After earning an MFA, Andrew Wingfield, MFA ’99, joined the faculty of Mason’s New Century College, where he directs the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program. His novel, Hear Him Roar, was published in 2005 by Utah State University Press.

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