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Art Meets Analytics

By Colleen Kearney Rich on August 18, 2020

A team from Mason helped the National Gallery of Art measure the popularity of artists in their collection during their first-ever datathon, “Coding Our Collection.”

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Rice, Beans, and a Serving of Reality

By Jamie Rogers on November 7, 2017

Barbara Gomperts, MA English ’08, wondered how she was going to make one can of beans last three days.   She had $4.18 to spend on food each day for the next three days—a total of $12.54.   For Gomperts, a nutrition major, this was a project for the NUTR 626 Food Systems class, offered at Mason this summer. But for others, it’s a way of life.   Students in the class…

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Gaining Experience as an Environmental Scientist

By Arthur Wesley, BA '17 on August 9, 2017

When Mason Environmental Science and Policy professor Cynthia Smith was getting ready to teach EVPP 302 Biomes and Human Dimensions for the first time, she did a little research first.

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Hands-On Healing

By Mason Spirit contributor on April 21, 2015

College of Health and Human Services students are doing their part to improve health care, from rural West Virginia to Swaziland.

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Marcus Daum

By Colleen Kearney Rich on April 16, 2014

Mason physics major Marcus Daum already has set his sights on getting a PhD. In fact, terminal degrees are kind of a tradition in his family, so Daum plans to follow in the doctoral footsteps of his father and his grandfather after he completes his bachelor’s degree in 2015. His field: physics. Why did he…

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Francis Aguisanda

By Michele McDonald on April 16, 2014

At 2 a.m., senior biology major Francis Aguisanda can be found at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study peering into a sophisticated microscope that optically slices a fruit fly’s nervous system tissue to create a 3-D image. When not in class or working as a student leader, the Mason undergraduate spends much of his time in this small room filled with about $1 million worth of microscopes in Krasnow’s basement.

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Amelia Martin

By Mason Spirit contributor on April 16, 2014

As Hurricane Sandy battered the New York/New Jersey coast in October 2012, civil engineering major Amelia Martin wondered what if Sandy had made landfall in Washington, D.C.? What residents and buildings would be most at risk of flooding?

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Leah Bruch

By Mason Spirit contributor on April 16, 2014

Community health major Leah Bruch might not be afraid of public speaking, but presenting her paper at the American Public Health Association (APHA) meeting and exposition as an undergraduate definitely was a bit nerve-wracking.

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Chessy Dintruff

By Cathy Cruise, MFA '93 on April 16, 2014

A family member of one of the estimated seven million stroke survivors in the United States, community health major Chessy Dintruff wanted to examine how strokes affect direct family members who serve as caregivers. Her research project, the Identification of Factors Contributing to Relationship Strain among Family Members and Stroke Survivors, was accepted by URSP.

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Mason’s machine shop provides creative space and cutting-edge technologies to support new ideas, inventions, and discoveries.

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